Ep 2: Glasgow – HMO Home Marauders Or..?

This is something I am sure most of you out there can relate to. It happened to me a while ago in Glasgow and irked me so much I took out my frustration on my (now loose keyed) laptop. Here goes..


                                                                      MBS brings out the worst in me

The flatmates and I had a little visit from The HMO licensing people early this morning. For those of you who don’t know, HMO’s expansion is Houses of Multiple Occupancy and to me is a scheme that keeps us students safe and our landlords on their toes. So naturally, our petrified landlord comes a-knockin on our door too early for any student with the pitiable Monday Blue Syndrome (MBS- Extremely dangerous but common to those above 20). His chirpy self finds his way into the kitchen where I’m half asleep on the counter making coffee and demands to ‘test’ all the doors. I, of course, comply thinking he’ll be checking the locks and hinges. NOT THE CASE. His idea of testing was pulling open the doors to the maximum he could and letting the handle go. The several resounding bangs were enough to bring on a case of multiple MBS. He then brings in a handyman who drills and bangs about more, while he stands about making light chit-chat.

Far from being over, the HMO people come over an hour later and I haven’t seen anyone with a worse case of MBS than them. They could have put Grumpy the dwarf to shame! So they walk about the flat, LOUDLY, with the landlord at their heels ‘yes sir’ing so much that he could match the boogie queens, Baccara (Refer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVIJKKxE1_U ). And an hour after poking about the rooms and shutting doors, they leave, loudly.

With a head filled with unbearably loud noises , I decided to vent some of today’s happenings on the blog to warn all of you out there that it’s always best to pretend to not be home on Monday mornings.


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