Planning an Episode

Wake up to the wind whistling sweet nothings to coax that early morning sun. The tall grass leans away around the camouflaged tent, that is being unzipped gently not to wake the dog. Stretch wide in the never ending space marrying land and sky. Eyes closed, nostrils flared, lips smiling, muscles feel spry after that lie on the soft ground. A mental passivity to remain still and disturb nothing, but that eagerness to sprint through the lush land to that point in the distance overcomes. The dog wakes and bounds after. Breathless and bent over, while the grass tirelessly continues to sway in the wind.

Sit down just in time to stare in awe at the last strip of sun wake. A drop on the eyelash forewarns more where that came from.Walk back through the flora and fauna, pack the camp onto my bicycle and I peddle off through the rain to find that coffee.

This is my vision of what it would be like to drop everything and take off on a cycling tour through Japan. I went through a ton of travel sites and blogs making grab-lists (it’s what I call those initial stages of planning which usually involves grabbing and listing on post-its with highlighters and a lot of ooh’s and aah’s). It may not be all happy effortless days like it seems to me now, as suggested by the above, but this is something I want to plan and effect for when I have graduated. Dropping everything will seem so much easier then, when I have nothing but a beginning to my future to idealise. And when better to idealise but while crossing one thing off my bucket list – Japan.

Updates and details bordering on obsessive rants will follow of course.  Any of you beautiful people wish you could do the same? If  yes,when and where may I ask?


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