Daily Prompt: 2100 is a # away

“GTA 100 is so 3D, it’s embarrassing.” #hashtaggingoldschoolstyle

“Oh wow! You’ve still got the iPhone 5?  TSOS! ” – That’s so old school

“Hey grandma, why does the hashtag key on your ancient iPhone 5 not work anymore?” “The twitter generation got the better of me sweetie.” “What’s twitter?” “It’s what Myspace was to my generation”

“I’m sorry! There’s been a slight glitch in my car for a while now. It’s just not been able to think for itself and keeps expecting ME to hit the brake instead! Think you can fix it VIKI?” – A wee I Robot reference there

I can’t expect to live till 2100 but I sincerely hope RAK (random acts of kindness) as a trending hashtag and physical action continue. And that #YOLO is officially changed to You Obviously Love Oreos because I might just cry if my offspring’s’ offsprings begin quoting Drake. And for now- I’ll continue to live in the present, for my day dream about the future- where the world is turmoil-less, disease-less, global warming lacking and rich, plentiful, tolerant and blessed as it should be.



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