The time I saw a Fabulous notsosporty Sports Parade

Blogging went on a very long hold thanks to the holidays and then the inevitable onset of holiday blues. But so much has happened since my trip to Chennai that I don’t know where to begin!

So, from the beginning we must begin. The semester before the December holidays was an extremely relaxed one for the students (and in turn us teachers I guess?) at my school thanks to the dozens of activities that kept them well and out of class. Sports week was not just an eventful excuse to skip classes at our school but occasion enough to stretch that week to two weeks because the school next to ours had their sports week and naturally, inter-school camaraderie and whatnot, students had to go over to cheer them on too! Or so they say… I’d prefer calling the kids ‘opportunists’ rather than lazy. After all, my school days were ‘opportunity filled’ too.

But the parade at the end of sports week was a display I won’t be forgetting any time soon. I remember a parade in my school in Dubai was a month long fiasco where we would have to practice pretty basic (read boring) exercise routines before the classes began for the day, heat or less heat #cozdubai. And the costumes were always cautious and unadventurous, which is the least I can say about the Fabulous (Yes, with a capital F!) display the students put on here. They began their make-up/costume madness the night before and slept in all that fabulousness. But I’ll stop going on about it all and let you have a look-see yourself!


4 thoughts on “The time I saw a Fabulous notsosporty Sports Parade

  1. What would have been most interesting to see is how one occasion like that of a ‘sports day’ can be celebrated in such a different manner. Who would have thought it could be done like this?

    Good to see that you are soaking up the thai culture 🙂

    • I wish I had sports day pictures of my own to put up and do a wee comparison. But I had to settle for the smallest of explanations 🙂 I’m so glad I get to experience this enormous contrast though!

  2. Hey Pooja can u imagine these costumes in IHS!!! After this I can puke just thinking of what we wore for our parades in IHS….yuck

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