When you’re 25 and you know it clap your hands

Crossroads was always just a guilty pleasure chick flick for me, until 25 happened. 25 came in May and I can’t say I wasn’t prepared because ageing can be harsh but family and friends are always harsher. Leading up to my birthday they kindly and consistently reminded me of all I have yet to achieve and all that I will still need to struggle through and most importantly – all the massive red carpet nobel prize IwishIdidntcare successes chetta cheta and chetta chechi have already accomplished barely out of the womb.

But unfazed I continue on the path of joy (read alcohol) and utter relaxation because I am in control of every aspect of my life, be it decisions about my career or the names of my future children. My five year, heck who am I kidding, ten year plan is well and on its way to finding itself shortened to 2 years because my barf inducing’ly incredible successes knows no bounds.

And if you bought that, you need to take a good long look in the mirror to make sure you have a reflection and are not a ghost of the 50s (25 year olds then didn’t have great gaming and online shopping apps to be distracted by so success was a mortgage away).

I am just an average 25 year old flailing through the months, weeks and days trying to figure out where I want to be, who I want to be and whom I want to be with (this last bit would be trashed like the extra characters on twitter if I didn’t have babbling freedom). So the conclusion I have come to after much (some) soul searching and some (much) drinking is that I will find my way when the time is Right, not Right Now. I don’t function or perform spectacularly when I’m told I need to do something because mum said so. Never in the history of calming down has anyone ever calmed down by being told to calm down, now replace calm/ing/ed down with shape up. But I have noticed a trend of me spewing roses at the mere sign of nonjudgmental sober guidance from anyone young or old. If you’ve got a supportive word or two and can convey that in the most simplified 1+2=3 way, I’m bought.

If you’re at a crossroad of choosing to stay docile about your life or being pro-active , just remember a good standstill thinking posture can be assumed till the ripe age of 26. Or 40. Whichever seems further away.

Terrible advice. I know. So.

If you’re anything like me and don’t have life’s many questions figured out as yet, surround yourself with people who make you a better you, don’t fret because someone else is doing better than you, let people inspire you and most of all – the internet is your friend, it can help you find lessons, hobbies, people and everything else under the sun that could help you figure out where you want to be headed.




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